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International Playwriting Monodrama Competition 2008: > Clash <

International Playwrights’ Forum (IPF) and International Monodrama Forum of the International Theatre Institute ITI / UNESCO present the International Playwriting Monodrama Competition 2008: > Clash < New submission deadline is March 31, 2008, in collaboration with United Arab Emirates Centre of the ITI in Fujairah.

History of the Competition

The International Playwrights’ Forum of the International Theatre Institute / ITI, with its biennial compet iti ons encourages the wr iti ng of plays. In 2002, the subject was the need for peaceful coexistence between peoples, in 2004 it was radio plays, while in 2006 our aim were plays for young audience. The winners of the compet iti on 2002: 1st prize: Philip Goulding «Strange Lands», 2nd prize: Helen Zarocostas: «After the Fair». The winners of the competiton 2004: 1st prize: Helen Shay «Fit Piece», 2nd prize: Vassiliki Papangeli «That Girl». The winners of the compet iti on 2006: 1st prize (for younger children): Vladimir Oravsky & Kurt Peter Larsen “AAAHR!!!” ; 1st prize (for older children – adolescence): Irene N. Watts “Lillie”; 2nd prize: Muriel Parmelan “Un grand-père formidable”.

Vladimir Oravsky (left) & Kurt Peter Larsen

For 2008, the International Playwrights’ Forum pays attention to the clashes inherent in contemporary life. We are inv iti ng playwrights to write monodramas inspired by whatever ‘clash’ may mean to them. Monodrama is a medium where clashes can be seen in the individual.

The Rules

– The entries must be in one of the UNESCO languages (English and French) or in Arabic.

– The play has to be a monodrama: a play written for one performer.

– Playwrights do not have to be members of the International Theatre Institute, the International Playwrights´ Forum, the Monodrama Forum and they may be of any age and from any country.

– Each playwright may submit only one monodrama that should be approx. 45 to 70 minutes long, approx. 20-40 pages, 1800 characters (with spaces) on page.

– No published or produced plays will be accepted.

– With the sending of the play the playwright accepts the rules.

– The winners accept that their plays are put on the website as PDF and possibly be printed in a publication for promotion of their plays without further remuneration. There will be no royalty paid for the PDF being put on the website or that publication. The rights for further publications belong to the winning playwrights.

– The winners accept a first performance in the form of a play reading or a full production without further remuneration. There will be no royalty paid for this first production. The rights for further productions belong to the winning playwrights.

The Juries

There will be two juries, one dealing with a plays in English and French and the other judging plays in Arabic. Each jury will choose up to three plays which will compete in the final. All English and French short listed plays will be translated into Arabic and Arabic plays into French or English, so that juries can work together to choose the best between them.

The Prizes

– 1st prize: 1500 US-Dollars, 2nd prize: 1000 dollars, 3rd prize: 500 dollars.

– The winning plays will be announced at the next Congress of International Theatre Institute in 2008.

– International Playwrights’ Forum intends to publish the three winning plays in English, French and/or Arabic and help promote them over the internet through the website There is no guarantee of the publication in printing.

– All entries must be sent by e-mail. The entry must bear the full name, the title and address on the first page, in roman letters (for the Arabic language entries). Title and name must not be repeated on the following pages.

– All entries in English, French or Arab language have to be sent to the email-address
(E-Mail-.Address of the Croat ion Centre of the ITI.)

– To make sure that the juries do not know who wrote the play, the Croatian Centre of the ITI guarantees to forward only the play without naming its author and its title.

– All entries will receive an e-mail confirmation that their play has arrived and complies with the compet iti on rules or not.

– Once the jury decides about finalists the titles of the chosen plays will be published on International Playwrights´ Forum website The winners are also imformed via e-mails, sent to the e-mail addresses where the best plays have come from.

New submission deadline is March 31, 2008